Graduates of the Master of Biotechnology:

They handle current concepts of the basic sciences that influence the field of Biotechnology.

They handle critically the scientific and / or technical information related to Biotechnology, from current specialized sources.

They have skills for the development of basic and applied research that influence the solution of environmental problems, with a multidisciplinary, humanistic and ethical approach.

They have skills for the development of basic and applied research in the area of natural products, which influence industry, agriculture and health, with a multidisciplinary, humanistic and ethical approach.

They apply biotechnological tools in the development and / or innovation of industrial processes.

They transmit knowledge of the field of biotechnology orally and in writing.

They have the capacity to influence the training of human resources in the field of biotechnology at various educational levels.

They develop skills to perform teamwork.



1. Cover the credits established in the curriculum.

2. Perform an experimental work, a bioprocess design or a bioinformatics, within the lines of research of the CEIB (Spanish initials for Centro de Investigación en Biotecnología - Center for Research in Biotechnology -).

3. Complete the administrative procedures established by the UAEM.

4. Present the results of your thesis work orally (thesis defense) and writing.

5. Pass the oral exam to obtain the master degree.