Students should conduct themselves with integrity and respect with all members of the university community, as well as the facilities and work of their peers.

To remain in the program, students can only obtain a failing grade in one of the compulsory, optional learning units, research or evaluation seminars given by the Tutorial Committee.

For the specific case of the compulsory learning units of choice, the student and tutor should select at the beginning of the semester the two learning units that best meet and support the student's training. If a third course of those listed as compulsory of election is chosen, it will be considered as an elective course. In case of failure, the student has the option to take it again and necessarily pass it. The student cannot take a subject other than the one selected at the beginning of the semester.

The minimum passing grade for the learning units, seminars and research seminars will be in accordance with the General Regulation of Postgraduate Studies of the UAEM in force. The grade of the research seminar will be discussed and assigned collegially by a specially designated tutorial committee.

You must prove the reading comprehension test of the English language in accordance with what is established in the General Regulations of Postgraduate Studies in force.